We believe that each woman has the strength to make positive life changes to become self-sufficient—and they show us that strength every day. 

I was in the Theresa Living Center residential program for one year. I was diagnosed with cancer, but I found a job working as a telemarketer, and a seasonal job at a department store. I eventually got a permanent job as a towing company dispatcher—and within a year, I had enough money to move into my own apartment. I’ve still got my job, and I’ve even purchased a car! Having the Theresa Living Center’s support and help with housing gave me a chance to create a stable life.
— Marie
We were homeless for a long time—we moved all over the place, and my two teenagers had to change schools a lot. Caroline Family Services helped us move into an apartment, and I got a job to pay my part of the rent. The best part of all is that my kids were able to settle into one school and now they’ve got college scholarships! I can’t tell you what this means to me—to know they’re on a track to success. I’m so proud of them! And it’s thanks to Caroline Family Services that we’re where we’re at today.
— Wendy
I used to be in a lot of trouble, but Caroline Family Services gave me a chance. They even helped me fix my teeth so I wouldn’t feel so self-conscious when I started training to be a diesel truck mechanic. When I was pregnant and in the shelter, I prayed so much, and God answered my prayers. Now I have the stability and a stronger faith. Every day that I work hard is one less day we have to struggle—I’ve even paid them back for my dental work! I’m so grateful for the chance they gave me.
— Catherine